EXPOSED: Popular Facebook Page "Memewaukee" Run By Unhinged Ted Perry

Updated: Feb 23

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Written by Alonzo Rivera

MILWAUKEE, WI- The popular Facebook page "Memewaukee" has been a staple of Milwaukee's meme scene for almost 5 years. I myself have been following the page for quite sometime. Long enough to notice a few things that seemed suspicious. Why is this page obsessed with Milwaukee television personality Ted Perry? Why do they worship him like some sort of God? So myself and the WNT investigation team went to find out.

We followed a trail of clues that lead us through seady back alleyways, dingy bars and run down strip clubs. Eventually culminating to a discovery that shocked us all.

Hidden in the backrooms of a bowling alley maintenance closet in complete darkness we found a disgruntled Ted Perry hammering away at his computer. Suddenly it all started coming together. The endless Ted Perry memes and the Mitch McConnell jokes weren't just a coincidence.

Are we upset? Not really. We love Ted and were overjoyed to find out he was behind our favorite meme page.