In Flurry Of Pardons Trump Pardons Ted Perry For Mitch McConnell Comment

Updated: Feb 23

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Written By David John's

MILWAUKEE, WI- What do Lil’ Wayne, Kodak Black, and Fox 6 Milwaukee’s Ted Perry have in common? If you said a fire mix tape or a love of codeine, you would be incorrect. What they share today is an official pardon from former President Donald Trump.

In a shocking final curtain call last night, Donald Trump pardoned both famous rappers and local Fox affiliate Ted Perry of their crimes. What makes Ted’s pardon a shocker is the fact that he never actually committed a crime. In November of 2020, Ted Perry tweeted “2020 takes Alex Trebek but leaves Mitch McConnel? Just end already”. The controversial text landed Ted Perry in hot water with his news station and riled up local conservatives who called for his job. When interviewed, former President Trump was quoted “Geez, give the poor guy a break. Who here hasn’t tweeted things they wish they could take back” He also added “Fox 6 Milwaukee needs to let the man back on social media and let bygones be bygones. Mitch McConnell has over stayed his welcome anyways.”

Ted Perry was suspended from the news station for a few days as punishment for the tweet, but has remained a complete ghost on social media. Many local fans have been questioning if he was forced to give up his accounts and hope that this pardon will allow him back on. There has been no word from the fox news station or Ted Perry today since the pardon was enforced last night, but the real question will be if the Biden administration will try and overturn the pardon, which would be even stranger.