IRS issues Warning as a new type of scam called "Doubling" begins to emerge

As the newest wave of stimulus checks roll out the IRS issues a warning regarding a new type of scam referred to as “doubling” where a 3rd party promises to double the amount of money given to them at no charge.

Our reporters were able to secure an interview with a supposed victim who wishes to stay anonymous going by a fake name “zezima6969” who had this to say “I thought the guy was legit, sure I met him in an alley outside the NYSE but nothing felt off about him. He seemed knowledge saying stuff like “GME to the moon” and “Buy the dip” I had no reason not to trust a man in a sports jacket but boy was I wrong. As soon as I gave him my $1400 he began to walk away. I just figured he was going to a different exchange but he just never came back..”

This scam is geared toward groups at high risk of being scammed like the old and stupid. The extent of the damage this scam has cause is unknown at the moment but we will keep you updated as news from the IRS continues to come out.




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