It's Pachki Day!...err Punzky...Pitchky?

Updated: Feb 23

A Pachki or Punzky maybe Pitchky

By Reggie Toupee

Rejoice lovers of Polish confectionery delights! Today is Pazcki Day! Wait, did I get that right? Pakchi? Punchky? Patzinski? No, that's not it. I know there's an "a" with a weird little squiggle under it. How do I even do that in Google Docs? Hmmm… Paczki? Yeah, that will have to do.

Paczki, pronounced "putchski" or "ponzkee" or wait...theres an "n" sound in there somewhere, right? What about that damn squiggle "a"? Is that like a "u" or a double "o" or something? Or like one of those European vowel sounds that dip in the middle? And what does the "z" do? Polish is weird, man.

However you say it, Paczki Day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, is celebrated in many American cities like Milwaukee and Chicago. Thousands of Americans enjoy these sweet treats and commemorate their ancestors from Poland where Paczki Day is actually celebrated on the Thursday before the beginning of Lent. Wait, what? Fat Thursday?

You know what? I'm done. Just enjoy a donut and don't think about it too much.