Manitowoc Minute to become “American Family Insurance Minute” following huge deal

Updated: Mar 21

“C’mon, man,” said Milwaukee man and certified tax professional, Spencer ‘show-me-the- carfax’ Cranston. “First they dump on Miller park, and now this? People are going to snap if they keep this up. What was Charlie thinking?”

Yes, what was charlie thinking? WNT reached out to Berens for comment. We did not receive a response.

Determined to get the full scoop, we met with American Family Insurance agent, Stephen Gregg, who informed us,“Huh? Oh yeah, we own that now. We bought it. With money. Finders keepers, losers weepers. Get bent.” Gregg was promoted to CEO later that afternoon.

So, with the public outraged, and previously outraged citizens aggravated to an even further extent, it remains unclear what motivated this deal to begin with. Was it truly just the money? Or could there be foul play behind the scenes? Unfortunately, we may never know. One thing remains painfully obvious, however; The American Family Insurance company loves to shoot hot deuce over things that are cool, and there isn’t an insurance policy for that.




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