Marquette Goes Back To Warriors Name After Mascot Spotted At Capital Insurrection

Updated: Feb 23

Friday, January 23rd, 2021

Written by David John's

MILWAUKEE, WI- This week, new photos of Capital insurrection surfaced showing the Marquette Golden Eagle’s mascot “Iggy” illegally trespassing inside the capital building on January 6th. While authorities have been unable to locate Iggy, Marquette has already made the decision to distance themselves from the Golden Eagle name and move back to the now less controversial team name Warriors.

A source at Marquette who wanted to remain anonymous, stated “why not, we already have a crap ton of old merchandise that we can roll out and besides, the old logo was bad ass”.

Marquette dropped their warriors name back in 1994 citing pressure to end the use of Native American mascots. Golden Eagles seemed a great choice at that time when Golden Eagle population in Wisconsin was at an all time high of six birds that nested damn near the Minnesota border.

If anyone has any information on former mascot Iggy, you are printed to call the Fox 6 news tip line at 414-214-FOX6.




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