Mike McCarthy Spotted Outside Lambeau Asking Staff if They've Seen His Baseball

Updated: Feb 23

McCarthy Outside Lambeau

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Written by PhilBert Kiebler-Herbons

Two years removed from his demise, former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was spotted outside Lambeau Field on Saturday asking fans if they have seen his baseball.

McCarthy, whose 13-year career as Packers coach came to a disappointing conclusion, was noted by one fan as looking “delirious” and “bewildered” attempting to gain entry via the staff entrance, seeming to have already forgotten the playoff schedule. He was eventually escorted off the grounds.

“I noticed a heavyset man walking in the Lambeau parking lot looking like he was lost, which is not really an unusual thing to see here considering our breed of fans” Packers head of security Gerry Stewart said. “When I got a little bit closer and asked if he was lost he reached into his coat pocket and threw a red flag then proceeded to scream, ‘Have you seen my baseball?!’ It was at that point, I realized I had seen this man and that dumbfounded look on his face before. It's not something you miss.’”

McCarthy was hired in 2006 as the Packers coach after putting together quite an impressive resume. His past included assistant coaching positions for the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs, and also, of course, starring alongside Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre as “Warren” in the 1998 comedic hit, “There’s Something About Mary.”