Owner of Mo's Irish Pub Infact Not Irish

Updated: Feb 23

Posted 2/1/2021, 1:00pm

There are a lot of little white lies you can get away with nowadays, but thanks to the internet and all of the self-proclaimed "internet FBI warriors" like myself, that number is dwindling. You would think that if your name was Seamus O'Doyle, you'd be Irish, or at least able to pretend you're Irish pretty easily. Wrong. A few years back, my great-aunt Margie gave me an Ancestry.com membership for my birthday, and NOBODY is safe.

Seamus O'Doyle, owner of Mo's Irish Pub, located at both 10842 W. Bluemound Road in Wauwatosa and 142 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, has officially become the first victim of my recent Ancestry.com obsession. Sorry, not sorry, Seamus; IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME.

Mo's Irish Pub is famous for their celtic fair, gaelic brews, and a good time, which makes it quite a shame that they aren't truly Irish. In my research, I found that Mr. O'Doyle was actually born in the United States to German immigrants, Mr. Hans VanPorsche and his wife, Ingrid. He is purebred German and there's nothing he can do about it. It appears as if his name was changed from Hitler VanPorsche back in the 1990s, presumable to start his fake restaurant empire.

Will this stop me from consuming excessive amounts of Irish fare and Guinness beer? Absolutely not. Is it a damned shame? You bet your ass it is.

Richard Taste is Nightly Reporter and Senior Editor at Wisconsin News Today since January of 2021. Dick has studied worldwide, from Oxford to Yale, and has been featured in publications such as Playboy Magazine, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. In his free time, Mr. Taste enjoys traveling the streets of beautiful West Allis, Wisconsin with his mail-order wife, Svetlana.