Panicked White Woman Calls Police On Suspicious Looking Bronz Fonz

Updated: Feb 23

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Written by Alonzo Rivera

Milwaukee Police were in for a shock when they responded to a call early Tuesday Morning about a suspicious bronze colored man making threatening gestures at 43 year old Katherine McCauley.

The already tense situation only escalated from there. Police reportedly told the inanimate object to lower it's hands multiple times. With guns drawn and The Fonz not responding multiple warning shots were fired into the icon statue. Paramedics on the scene searched for a pulse but none could he found. The Statue of Fonzarelli was declared dead on the spot.

When asked about the encounter Katherine, 43 had this to say. "I've seen Happy Days. I used to watch it with my father growing up and I assure you the Fonz is not that color. They should really do something to fix that."

Said unironically and a few hours too late.