Tensions Rising At Wisconsin-Minnesota Border Over Who's The Friendlier State

Updated: Mar 19

Sun, March 14th, 2021

SUPERIOR, WI- What started off as a normal day, quickly escalated to near violence when Thomas Bartlet of Duluth Minnesota waved his hand to single Jackson Terrel of Superior to take the only open gas pump at the local Kwik Trip. Reports say Jackson stepped from his vehicle and insisted Thomas take the pump instead. The now heated conversation went on long enough for other pumps to open but the men would not back down.

It didn't take long for others to join in.

Authorities arrived not soon after.

Security cameras at the Kwik Trip show a shocking image. Patrons pushing, yelling and shoving each other aside to hold open doors for each other lead to an elderly woman being sent to St. Mary's Hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Kwik Trip #189 Superior WI

Tensions have been rising between the two states ever since Wisconsin laid claim to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The WNT News Team will be following this story as it develops.




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