The Most FIRE Enchiladas Ever Earn Pawlak Position at Mexican Restaurant Chain

Updated: Feb 23

Posted 2/10/2021, 11:00am

We've all seen him. We all know him. He's Milwaukee's newest reality TV sensation and probably the most notable beard in town. ZZ Top. The Bearded Bandit. Ginger Santa. The Sultan of Stache. Chef Adam Pawlak, Executive Chef & Owner of the quickly expanding Egg & Flour chain of pasta & pizza joints ( I'd like to quickly point out how mother effing cool that website name is.

We've all been following Adam as he quietly dominates the competition on Hell's Kitchen Season 19, currently airing every Thursday on Hulu ( Those of you who watched episode 5, which aired on Thursday, 2/4/2021, are probably aware that Chef Pawlak himself was lauded for his absolutely fucking BOMB enchiladas by world-renowned chef Aarón Sánchez ( Chef Pawlak was so taken aback by Chef Sánchez praise that he himself burst into tears of joy as he told Chefs Sánchez and Ramsay that he learned to cook like that in Milwaukee.

Side note: did anyone else find themselves licking their TV screen trying to get a taste of those enchiladas? I am not ashamed to admit it, though I am a little embarrassed to admit that I accidentally licked the beard, it wasn't as weird as you'd think. And I kinda liked it. Seriously though. Guys chill. But ok, I digress.

Following his performance airing on national TV and Adam just rocking it like it was no big effing deal, he was offered the opportunity of a LIFETIME. The owners of Botanas and Botanas 2 (what's the difference?) offered King Pawlak an opportunity to open up Botanas 3, which would be no different from the first two. Pawlak himself has not commented on the matter, but we don't think he could pass up the opportunity, even if he were to win season 19 and become the next Head Chef at Hell's Kitchen Lake Tahoe.

"We are excited to open up Botanas 3 with Chef Pawlak and can't wait to see how long he can grow that sexy lil beard of his. We are also excited to announce at this time that the Season 20-26 winners of Hell's Kitchen will win the opportunity to open up their own Botanas 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10! Chef Ramsay was a tough negotiator, but we got the deal done and are excited to continue expanding our line of very average Mexican cuisine" said Botanas II owner Melinda Rodriguez, of Milwaukee. "Who the fuck is Adam Pawlak, and why is he copying my name?" said Miguel Botana, owner of the original Botanas.

See you at Botanas 3, Chef Pawlak. Looking forward to those enchiladas without the beard this time. Botanas 3 > Hell's Kitchen Lake Tahoe, don't @ me.

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