West Allis Man Wakes From 4 Year Coma To Find Everything He Loves Is Closed

March, 3rd 2021

WEST ALLIS, WI- Thomas Faulk of West Allis has awoken from a four year coma in what doctors are calling a miracle. By his side is his wife of 25 years Karen accompanied by the always intrusive WNT News Team. Pushing Karen aside we rushed in for some answers.

"Now that you're awake what's the first thing you'd like to do?". Thomas replied "The first thing I'd like to do is get lunch with my beautiful wife at our favorite restaurant Johnny V's."

His wife quickly diverting her eyes. Thomas could tell something was wrong. "What happened?" he asked. "They closed hon" she replied. "Well that's fine" he said. "These things happen."

Confused by all the face coverings his wife had to explain to him the pandemic and the effects it's had on daily life. Thomas seemed un phased. "I'm just happy to be alive, I can't wait to get home and watch some movies with my favorite actor Kevin Spacey, walk in public with nothing on my face, go to Italian fest and top it off with dinner at Comet Cafe. Everything is going to be alright. "